Intelligent Aroma Diffuser


Athena is the first model of intelligent aroma diffuser series we had developet for over 2 years.

This is the first diffuser in the world can be scheduling and controlled by smartphone APP. Besides, our series have most important advantages listed as below introduction.​
Phoebus Arrows-Intelligent Aroma Diffuser

Easily to refill
It's a brand new patented loading system, ezDiffusion. You can refill easily, even elderly can do by themselves. You only need to refill once a month. This feature help to reduce preparation time for customer.

Flexible scheduling to diffuse
Customer can schedule to diffuse fragrance by their preference. They needn't pay attention to the equipment to see if it needs to refill or not, like all traditional diffusers do.

24 Hrs heavy duty working
Our design is aim for operating 24hours. Because it's low power consumption than traditional diffusers, so it's capable of working day and night. We also put 3 security features to assure it's safty.

Easily controlled by APP
Customer can control and schedule by smartphone APP. The scheduling system allow you to arrange by your specific requirement. It also would notice you when you need to refill or any warning you need to pay attention.

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