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Aromatherapy has been popular for a long time in modern countries. It has been used as assistance to medical treatments and widely used in daily life. However, it’s still quite unknown to people in many countries.

Currently, there are many bad quality products on the market that use chemical substances and potentially harm human health in the long term. In recent years, people are more conscious in choosing natural products for a healthy life.

Jazz, Co-founder of Phoebus Arrows

The goal of Phoebus Arrows is to offer users a well-designed aroma diffuser to be used with nature essential oil. Phoebus Arrows is a quite new start-up company. We are dedicated to developing intelligent aroma diffuser to improve all the drawbacks from existing products in the market.

We expect anyone, especially elderly can operate and repfill the diffuser easily. The final goal of our team is to provide the best way for people to benefit from Aromatherapy.