Intelligent Fragrance Consultant

IFC is an innovation design to meet the need for essential oil / fragrance industry.

It combine interactive system, LED indicators, customer preference database and rich product knowledge to advise perfect products for customers.

There are many advantages for different purposes.

Intelligent sales kit for sales rep to bring out

IFC can replace unwieldy product guide book. The menu system can guide both sales rep and customer to learn product knowledge. This is the effective way for sales rep to do on-job training. So the in-house training time for new comer can be decreased to save cost. Besides, these new comers can go out to find their revenue sooner than before.
IFC can speed up the purchase process. Customers usually hestitate to make decision without sufficient information. Customers can follow up the menu system built with the customer preference and product knowledge to select the products quickly and easily. It also help your company to target new segments, like elderly, man, teenager who are not the typical users for essnetial oil industry.

IFC can collect useful data. Management team can easily evaluate the performance of sales rep according to log system.


Intelligent showcase in store

IFC can draw customer’s attention with rich multimedia video or photos. As you may know, over 80% buying decisions were made in the store. The benefit of video is definitely better than static labels.
IFC also cut lots of cost for changing labels manually besides the system can update commercial contents to all IFC everywhere via WIFI network.
IFC can speed up the purchase process as described above.
IFC can provide multilanguage menu to target foreign tourists market.

IFC - Briefing

IFC - Demonstration